Christian History

The Cost of Belief in Christ ALONE

This brilliant and scholarly book will keep you riveted to your chair as Leonard Verduin chronicles various Christian groups from the first century down to their critical impact upon the Reformation.  
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The entire doctrinal superstructures of both Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses are based on one basic premise. Without this pretext, neither organization could doctrinally exist. The official assertion for both organizations goes something like this:

True Christianity died out sometime between the first century and the time Roman emperor Constatine took power. Both claim that it was not restored until 1500 - 1800 years later by Charles Taze Russell (for the Jehovah's Witnesses) or Joseph Smith (for the Mormons). 

Both groups point to the attrocities committed by the Catholic Heirachy down through the dark ages as proof that Christianity died. However, they fail to look closely at the objects of Papal hatred as well as the historical record of non-conformity of these peoples. In actuality, there were many tens of millions of Christians, spanning nearly two thousand years and several continents who refused to conform to the hierarchial Catholic Church and paid the ultimate price for faith in Christ alone.    

These dissenters and non-conformist groups are WITHOUT PARALLEL in all of world history in their record of faith while being subjected unspeakable tortures. It should not be surprising to learn that the Lord entrusted his WORD to these often overlooked peoples. Over 99% of all known ancient New Testament Manuscripts were copied by these individuals and they were handed down generation after generation, eventually making their way into the hands of politically connected Reformers. MANY groups in the past and present have been neither Catholic nor Protestant, just Christian.

Neither the Catholic Church, the Watchtower Governing Body nor the Mormon Priesthood wants this record of faith in Christ alone to be told because it undermines their institutional idolatry and self-worship.  

The doctrine of a defeated church is falsified by the voices of millions of martyred believers as well as the Lord Jesus Chirist himself: 

... "and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world." Mt. 28: 20b 

Alway: (Strong's) "inclusive of the parts of both extremes ; a period"