Preservation of Scripture

Perhaps you have heard the cliche, "my word is my bond". Many people take their words seriously. However, God's words are eternal and cannot be broken. To change his words is a direct attack on Him and an attempt at dethronement. 

Crimen Laesae Maiestatis (Latin) -literally, The Crime of Injured Majesty; an offense against the dignity, person, or authority of a reigning sovereign; high treason The ungodding of god; the unwording of the word

It makes sense that the God of the universe and the Creator of such could accurately preserve his words if he chooses. Not only has He has claimed to do this, evidence shows that he has indeed done so. The bible is not just a record of God’s “sayings”, nor is it simply man’s record of his “sayings”. Neither does it merely contain the word of God. The bible is the revealed word of God…. every word of it. It is His complete revelation to man. It ALONE is the final authority for Christians.

* Yellow Highlights Indicate Versions With Missing Text, a Weaker or Unclear Meaning compared to the KJV or Even Historically Deviant Doctrinal Understandings.