Preservation of Scripture

Mediator Booklet (Click Here for PDF)

This is a great witnessing tool and illustrates the greatest weakness in Watchtower theology: The absence of any provision whatsoever for the forgiveness of sins outside of the New Covenant. If asked, about 50% of JW's will admit to you that they are outside of the New Covenant. The ones that won't admit it need only to be reminded that they reject the unleavened bread and wine during the "observance" of the Lord's Supper. After you remind them of that, the other 50% will usually then admit to you that they personally have no part in the New Covenant.

Instead of arguing about the Trinity, Soul Sleep, Neutrality and all the other things they are trained to argue about, simply ask them to show you even one scripture that shows how a person can get their sins forgiven outside of the New Covenant. Of course it doesn't exist; and if it did exist that would mean that Jesus died unnecessarily. After the Witness says that they will have to get back with you on that, you'll usually have a very brief opportunity to share your faith... which is all we need for the Holy Spirit to do His work. Never forget that.     

In all my years of door to door work as a Jehovah's Witness, I never had one Christian ask me this question phrased like that. Jehovah's Witnesses believe that they have an agreement with God other than the New Covenant to avoid Judgment. However, most will be quite shocked that they cannot explain it to you from the bible. They are used to having all the answers. But the greatest question of all is unanswerable by them. 

The majority of JW's are also unaware that official WT doctrine states that Jesus is not their Mediator. This revelation alone has caused many to stop their idolatry of the Watchtower Corporation. This is the primary message JW's should hear. It is also ironically the primary message that all Christians should be able to explain.  At a door 12 years ago, one kind Christian woman took the time to listen with her bible in hand, talk with me, and eventually share her faith. That was my start at beginning to put faith in Jesus ALONE.     

Soul-Winning Outline for Jehovah's Witnesses (Click Here for PDF)

This is the basic outline I use when witnessing to Jehovah's Witnesses. You may not be able to get all the way through it before they want to leave. But that's OK. If you really communicate your concern for them personally, instead of trying to win an argument, you can get them to engage longer and prompt them to think...maybe after they are gone.

WT Study Article Page Teaching Rejection of the "Free Gift" of Forgiveness of Sins (Click Here for PDF)
This page has been doctored to illustrate the biblical reasons why the Watchtower is wrong in teaching it's members to reject the New Covenant. Most JW's will deny they reject the New Covenant. However, all you have to do is remind them that they reject the bread and wine on the Lord's Supper ceremony (Memorial of Christ's death) which symbolizes the covenant, and they will then admit it to you ... probably somewhat reluctantly.

It's not that JW's want to lie to people per se, they just don't feel like people understand. This can be used in favor of the soul winner. Ask them to show you even one New Testament Scripture that shows how a person can get their sins forgiven while outside of the New Covenant. This is very powerful when they stumble to find a scripture that does not exist. I try to end all conversations with something like this:

"Do me a favor, if you ever become disillusioned with the Watchtower, would you please consider giving Jesus a chance for a one on one relationship with you"?

Say this kindly!

How to Understand the Two-Salvation Doctrine Taught by Jehovah's Witnesses (Click Here for PDF)

This document helps to understand the principles behind the two-salvation doctrine that the Watchtower teaches. Download and give to one of your JW friends or family members.  


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