Sin and Repentance

In liberal churches and cults, people no longer like to think in terms of sin as God does. Sin and sinners is replaced in modern language with phrases like “mistakes”, “falling short”, “immature ones”, “human nature” etc.

Some versions of Matthew 9:13 makes it seem like a good thing to be a sinner, and as such, specially sought out for fellowship by the Lord.

Some versions of 1 John 5:19 places the guilt for sin onto the devil instead of on those who are guilty of such. This is the proverbial, “The devil made me do it” excuse. This is what Eve’s immediate response to sin was; she blamed the devil. Modern counselors play into this deception when they try and transfer the responsibility for sin, rather than to teach repentance and the supernatural eradication of its dominion over a person through the re-birth offered by God.

Neither confession to a priest in a confessional nor an elder judicial committee has the authority to forgive sin; only God can do this according to His specifically prescribed way. If people don’t feel guilty, they will not see the need for, nor seek out a Savior. Many other scriptural variations apparently seem to minimize the gravity of sin.