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Sin and Repentance

In liberal churches and cults, people no longer like to think in terms of sin as God does. Sin and sinners are replaced in modern language with phrases like “mistakes”, “falling short”, “immature ones”, “human nature” etc. The idea is to do all you can and let Jesus' sacrifice for your sin make up the difference on Judgement Day. That's not the way it works according to scripture. 

Some Critical Text (CT) bible versions of Matthew 9:13 makes it seem like that as a sinner, you are specially sought out for fellowship by the Lord. TR versions more accurately state that  Jesus called not just sinners, but called sinners to repentance

Some (CT) versions of 1 John 5:19 reads that the whole world is in the control of the Wicked One. The Watchtower loves to quote this verse. However, we know God has only allowed the Devil a limited dominion over men. Romans 13: 1 - For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God. And, 
 Psalm 22:28 - For the kingdom is the Lord's: and he is the governor among the nations.


There is no need to life in near total fear as JW's do. Also, We cannot shift responsibility for our sin onto the devil; God is still in ultimate control. Modern counselors can play into this unbiblical ideology when they try and transfer the responsibility for sin, rather than to teach repentance and the supernatural eradication of its dominion over a person through the re-birth offered by Jesus. Like many things in life, we may not be totally at fault, but ultimately we are responsible for our deeds. Christianity is not a behavior modification course, it is a (spirit) death and rebirth in the image of its founder.

Neither confession to a priest nor an elder judicial committee has the authority to forgive sin; only Jesus can do this according to His specifically prescribed way. If people don’t feel guilty, they will not see the need for, nor seek out a Savior. If you don't feel guilt and shame, there is nothing for the scape goat to carry away for you. Jesus wants to be your Scape Goat. He must bear your sins and carry them away into the wilderness where they will die with him. Excuses simply rob Jesus and the sin remains.  

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